How to Improve Collaboration and Productivity with Conference Room Colors?

A recent busy study has reported that an average employee spends about 37% of the time to attend meetings of one kind or the other. This is about 15 hours in a week.  With a significant investment in labor cost, all business owners want to ensure that the meeting time is as productive as possible.

The productivity of the business will depend on the skill of the labor and painter Toronto who is calling it.  Nonetheless, the business might offer the leader a good eliciting tool by offering conference rooms which has been designed to optimize collaboration. Keep in mind that the workers are the most valued asset.  Conventional all hand meetings might still occur but they are further and fewer apart.  More focused, shorter, and frequent huddle is turning out to be a norm.

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Things to Consider for Accommodating the Trend

Space: A conference room which can only hold 24 people will seem like a NBA arena when only four people hold the meeting.  painter Torontobelieves that you  have to evaluate the space and think o equipping smaller space.

Communication and Tools: Conference regarding sharing ideas and information ensure that the meeting rooms are equipped with tools which can facilitate sharing.  A smart board should replace the white board. This is an interactive surface which serves as computer, projection, and white board.  You can spend thousands of dollars on remote workers, contractors and vendors with the help of a video conference.  With a video system and a high quality speakerphone, you will have the next best thing to a meeting in person.

Décor and Furniture: You can think about mixing up the desk styles. The workers who spend a major portion of their day sitting like standing only meeting rooms. Painter Toronto state that here the bar counters are used to put their stools and laptops.  When you have to consider the paint job, you need to get in touch with a commercial painter Toronto


Think About the Colors that You Want to Choose

Humans tend to have an emotional response when it comes to colors.  Color space will encourage specific emotions. In case you are a savvy leader, you should opt for a color which will help in getting most out of the crew.  You need to keep in mind that the examples come in various shades and you should not use the primary color.

Red: This color gets your blood pumping.  It is associated with passion, desire, determination, and love. If you want to fire up the audience, you should choose this color.

Orange: Orange is the color of happiness, determination, creativity, stimulation, and encouragement.  You should opt for this color if you want the team to come together to solve a particular problem.

Green: Painter Toronto suggests green color because it is favored by the human resource professionals. Green is the color of harmony, stable growth, endurance, and freshness. It is a great color which you can use for your discussion into difficult topics and generate honest feedback and conversation.

Conference rooms are not large projects and you will be able to change the color without spending much.  All you have to do is get in touch with professional painting company to do the job. Read more about painting services in Toronto here

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